Messi wants to decide whether he will go to the World Cup or not after the Copa next year.

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Lionel Messi wants to wait to make another decision after the Copa America battle in the United States. Will they go to the World Cup in 2026 with the Argentine national team or not? Because it remains to be seen both physically and emotionally at that time.

Messi wants to decide whether he will go to the World Cup or not after the Copa next year.

Argentinian star Lionel Messi says he is not sure if he will play with Argentina  at the next World Cup. Which will be co-hosted by the United States, Mexico and Canada in 2026. Or not? Because if that time comes. He will be 39 years old and will make another decision after the 2024 Copa America in the United States in the middle of next year.

The 36-year-old star had fitness problems causing him to miss the game. In which the Blues defeated Bolivia 3-0 in the second qualifying round of the World Cup in the South America zone. In the first game, he just played the role of hero. Scoring the winning goal for the home team to defeat Ecuador 1-0. Which Lionel Scaloni, the team’s trainer, revealed that the key striker’s body couldn’t recover in time. Even though I’m practicing, I still can’t handle it. 

“I don’t know if I will continue to serve my country until the World Cup or not,” Messi told media in his hometown. “I’m not thinking about it because it’s still far away. We’ll see after Copa America, it depends. How will I feel then? There are still three years left. I would like to focus on the tournament in the United States next year first.”

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner led Argentina to a penalty shootout win over France in the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar. Last December But he was disappointed that he did not receive enough recognition from Former French club Paris Saint-Germain That makes you unhappy. Before his contract expired, he moved to Florida to play for Inter Miami in Major League Soccer, USA.

For the Argentina ทางเข้า ufabet national team, they are scheduled to play two World Cup qualifying matches next month. It will open its doors to welcome the visit of Paraguay on the morning of Friday, October 13, Thailand time. Before invading Peru in the next 5 days, at this time they have a full 6 points, equal to Brazil , who defeated Bolivia 5-1 and narrowly defeated Peru 1-0.