Kompany confirms Clarets are prepared to deal with Red Devils even though their rivals are weak.

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Vincent Kompany, Burnley’s head coach, does not see Manchester United’s poor situation affecting the game on the field that will meet on Saturday. They prepared fully for the visit.

Kompany confirms Clarets are prepared to deal with Red Devils even though their rivals are weak.

Vincent Kompany, manager of Burnley, insists he is not paying attention to Manchester United ‘s situation , which is having problems both on and off the field. As a result, the playing form dropped. They have lost four out of six games in all competitions. By preparing to receive the visit of their competitors with full force. In the English Premier League that will meet at Turf Moor stadium on Saturday, September 23.

The Clarets have just picked up 1 point from 4 matches in the English top league. They invaded and shared points with Nottingham Forest in the latest match, while the Red Devils have lost three out of five games in the league and in midweek they lost to Bayern Munich 3- 4 in the UEFA Champions League group stage, making many sides think that It’s a good opportunity for the former Manchester City player to lead his โปรโมชั่น ufabet team to defeat an opponent who is reeling from problems. Players are injured, undisciplined, have personal problems. and poor performance  

“I just try and evaluate ( United ) the way I have to for my team. both their strengths and weaknesses,” the former captain of the Blues said. “I’ve been at a big club before. And I know what it is when you lose a few games, the pressure can increase but it’s not appropriate for me to talk about them. I will focus only on matters on the field. I have to prepare the team to play against United in the best possible way and I believe they will leave their problems behind.” 

After losing 3 straight home matches against Manchester City 0-3, Aston Villa 1-3 and Tottenham Hotspur 2-5, a tie with the Forest team with a score of 1-1 holds. It’s a welcome next step. Because that means The team has relieved the pressure of being without points for several matches and Kompany is confident that his team’s offense will perform better against the Red Devils this weekend.

“I’m really looking forward to this game. To see if we can move forward, I really believe our team is dangerous offensively and has the ability to create something. which I hope They will show it in the league game this Saturday.” The 37-year-old trainer came out to encourage his team.