‘Klopp’ points out that the ‘Swans’ were good in the first half, but his team thought differently about beating Linz.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said his team thought they played poorly in the first half. Even though the work has been shown well causing frustration But after that in the second half, they came back to show their performance and defeated LASK Linz.

'Klopp' points out that the 'Swans' were good in the first half, but his team thought differently about beating Linz.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he thought the team played well in the first half. But the team didn’t think like that, causing the players to become irritated and lack confidence. But in the second half, the team was able to get back into their own game and overtake LASK Linz 3-1 in the UEFA Europa League group stage, Group E, first match on Thursday the 21st. last September

In the game at Raiffeisen Arena, the locals took the lead in the first half from Florian Flecker ‘s shot , but in the second half, the Reds sped up their fire and overcame three goals in a row from Darwin Nunné. S, Luis Diaz and Mohamed Salah, Klopp became the first manager of the Red Machine to lead the team to 50 victories in European competitions. 

“ LASK obviously had one shot on target in the first half. And it was a goal after a corner,” said the German boss. “We had a very good time but I saw that The team didn’t feel that way. Then the frustration increased. That doesn’t make any sense. I’m pretty sure the kids thought nothing was good from the first half. But that’s not true. We had a great time And that’s what we showed. And after that We are starting to get back into the ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com game. There is a good opportunity to turn the situation around. And that’s what we do. I’m very happy because I know it was difficult. It was difficult. We won, we deserved it.” 

Deutch head coach Still came out to deny the expectations of many who thought that Liverpool would easily make it through to the next round after this time leading the pack. After the results of another match, Union Saint-Gillois tied 1-1 with Toulouse , insisting that this will not happen whether in the group stage or the knockout round because they will have to play. Playground for victory which we have already done This was a big learning curve tonight. 

“Our opponents faced much fewer problems from the field conditions than us. We have to get used to it. So we have to learn a lot. But obviously We caused them problems with our passing. Ryan Grafenberg played great in a really difficult situation. And it’s the deciding factor for us,” Klopp added, giving an update on his injury. The Dutch midfielder said it was just cramping.