Boat visits Saints Ghosts easy task catches the first round of the Bao Cup

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Manchester United have a bright chance of qualifying for the playoffs. When preparing to open home against Charlton Athletic, a club from League One, while Manchester City, who just knocked down the former champion, Liverpool will invade Southampton. Quarterfinals Carabao Cup

The 2022-2023 Carabao Cup football competition has a lottery draw for the final 8 teams. After the last game of the round of 16, Manchester City opened the nest to defeat former champions Liverpool 3-2 on Thursday, December 22. In this round, there are 7 teams playing in the English Premier League, while the other One UFABET team that has slipped out of League One is Charlton Athletic.

Boat visits Saints Ghosts easy task catches the first round of the Bao Cup

It turns out that Pep Guardiola’s side, who have lifted the trophy six times in the last eight years, are Prepare to visit Southampton at St. Mary’s Stadium, while the Red Devils Manchester United have an easy job when playing at Old Trafford against the Knights Sword , making Eric Ten’s team Haag has quite a chance of going through to play in the semi-finals.

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe will host Leicester City at St James’ Park , while Nottingham Forest will take on Wolverhampton Wanderers at home. top scorers  

For the 5th round or the quarter-final round, the Carabao Cup will take place on January 10 and 11, 2023. As for the kick-off program, you have to wait for the competition to be put in the queue again. 

Carabao Cup quarter-final fixtures:
Manchester United v Charlton Athletic (League One)
, Southampton v Manchester City,  
Nottingham Forest. Wolverhampton Wanderers 
vs Newcastle United vs Leicester City