A fun card game easy to make money at the legendary level Pokdeng

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Gambling card games are a variety of games to choose from nowadays. Each game has different rules and methods of playing. Some games were developed to build on the popularity of general casinos. But some card games were developed from casinos. In this section, many gamblers probably know each other already. But for today, the UFABET website of the recommended choice is a bouncy card game. Popular card game since it is an offline card that is commonly played in casinos. 

As well as in people’s homes And when it comes to be an online gambling game. Its popularity is even higher. Until making many people interested. But probably never played before. So did not dare to try. Therefore, today we will bring everyone to know this type of card game together.

A fun card game easy to make money at the legendary level Pokdeng

What is poker bounce?

Pok Deng is a card game with 8 – 9 points that bounces and doesn’t bounce. A bounce card is a card of the same kind. or cards with the same suit. Therefore, it is called a bouncing card. For example, a 9 + 9 card is called a Pok Eight bounce, but if a 9 + K card. But each suit is called a Pok Nine card, etc. In this type of card game, if the first 2 cards dealt by the dealer At the 8th – 9th point. It is considered that the poker card can wait to win without having to call more cards. If the dealer opens the cards and has normal cards, wins overwhelmingly without doing anything. Just wait for the end of the game and get paid pretty nicely.

But if the dealer has poker cards against us, we get the capital back without losing money. but other players without poker cards will lose money to the dealer around the band Because this type of card game, although there can be many players at the same time But playing, everyone will compete only with the dealer. But do not worry that if playing online, it will be easily cheated. Because the dealer that everyone bets on is the gambler who circulates as the dealer with the credit amount reached as specified by each table. This means that if our credit balance reaches us, we can also become the dealer.